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From Beats to Bytes: The Evolution of Nice and iLL into a Tech and Gaming Powerhouse

Nice and iLL, initially a music-focused group, is

rebranding as an Entertainment Tech company. Its story began in Freeport, NY, with founders Christopher Mills, Jason Yarde, and Joseph Jack, who achieved significant success with two albums, amassing over a few thousand downloads and several million YouTube views.

Their innovative logo, featuring the Stop, Play, Pause, and Record buttons, predated similar designs, like Justin Timberlake's cologne branding. The name "Nice and iLL" originated from a Game Battles clan name for SOCOM 2 on the PS2 console. During 2003-2006, they were famous for creating teams like Nice and iLL East and West, dominating online gaming lobbies and gaining notoriety for both their gaming prowess and humorous community interactions.

The founders were pioneers in music production, utilizing limited resources available during a time when Apple's software offerings were mainly restricted to Garage Band. Joseph Jack, an opera singer and talented instrumental composer, also played a crucial role. Their ingenuity led them to create the first mobile music video using a Blackberry phone in 2009, an impressive feat at the time, considering the popularity of RIM (Research in Motion) technology. The clever use of the call waiting "please enjoy the music while the party is reached" caught the company's attention during their pitch. This innovation predated social media platforms like TikTok and Vine but was later overshadowed by a more famous video produced using an Apple iPod Nano, notably one by DJ Khaled.

Nice and iLL's musical journey includes winning a performance in Times Square, sharing the stage with Wiz Khalifa, and opening for Grammy-winning artists such as Miguel, Fatman Scoop, and Sean Kingston. Their music production halted in 2014 following collaborations with artists like Rivkah in South Africa. They received a Certificate of Recognition from the Town of Hempstead, particularly for their positive influence after Hurricane Sandy. This recognition came especially when TV stars from Bravo’s “Long Island Princesses” referred to the waterfront community as a ghetto.

Often described as “ahead of their time,” Nice and iLL expanded into business support between 2010 and 2014, a period marked by the boom in mobile APIs and social media. Notably, they developed the Long Island Cypher, showcasing artists such as Ant Matos, Danny Frisch, and Marlo Demore. With the rise of Call of Duty’s Warzone in 2020, they returned to the gaming scene, winning Z league tournaments and supporting artists and brands like J Yard’s WOLF and D Kanb’s Merokast Studios.

In its latest phase, Nice and iLL, now acquired by Limulus Holdings, is revitalizing its mission. They are focusing on building PCs for gamers and musicians, offering career opportunities in communities with limited access to education and corporate entry paths. Limulus Holdings, which also operates Jones Beach Brewing Company and JR Palm Trees, is steering Nice and iLL towards new, innovative paths, optimizing the potential of artists and creators in the evolving tech and entertainment landscape.

You can purchase the perfect Nice and iLL entry build here:

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