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Brewing Nostalgia: Jones Beach Brewing Co.'s Homage to a Historic Marine Theatre

Nestled in the heart of a town rich with history, Jones Beach Brewing Co. crafts more than just beer; they brew a narrative steeped in local heritage. The historic Jones Beach Marine Theater, a once bustling entertainment epicenter, is at this narrative's forefront. Known for its grand performances and as a symbol of the community's cultural past, the theater's memory lives on through the innovative spirit of the brewery.

Guy Lombardo: The Musical Maestro of the Marine Theater

Guy Lombardo was a renowned bandleader, whose velvety tunes once echoed through the walls of the Jones Beach Marine Theater. His music, an embodiment of the area's golden era, provided a soundtrack for the countless evenings under the stars at this waterfront stage. Lombardo's legacy is so ingrained in the area that the brewery's founders, who hail from Freeport, have a street named after this musical icon right in their backyard: Guy Lombard Avenue.

The Toast to Tradition

The connection between Jones Beach Brewing Co. and this illustrious past runs deeper than mere proximity. The owners, raised in the bay houses of Freeport, were always surrounded by tales of rum-running escapades that colored the town's history. These stories of clandestine adventures on the waters, paired with the cultural significance of the Marine Theater, have inspired the brewery's Toasted Theatre, Amber Ale.

Paying homage to an old playbill from the theater, the Toasted Theatre Amber Ale's label is a hat tip to Freeport's notorious rum-running days. The design mimics the tactile sensation of holding a ticket to one of Guy Lombardo's performances, evoking a sense of nostalgia for an era when the Marine Theater was in its heyday.

The Art of Brewing and Reminiscing

Jones Beach Brewing Co.'s approach to their craft is as much about flavor as it is about honoring history. With its rich color and warming taste, the Toasted Theatre Amber Amber Ale is reminiscent of the toasted sands and golden sunsets over Jones Beach, much like the theater's once radiant spotlight. Each sip is designed to take you back to a time of elegance and excitement, to the sounds of Lombardo's orchestra and the anticipation of a night's theatrical adventure.

The brewery's artwork and flavors are a celebration, a keepsake of the past that tells a story with every pour. Jones Beach Brewing Co. doesn't just offer a beverage; they provide an experience, a journey through the bygone days of their beloved town's storied past, all while looking forward to crafting the next chapter.

In Freeport and beyond, Jones Beach Brewing Co. remains a testament to the power of place, the importance of heritage, and the timeless appeal of a well-crafted beer. As they continue to pay tribute to the Marine Theater's legacy and Guy Lombardo's musical contributions, they remind us that some stories are best savored over a pint of history.

Guy Lombardo's boat "Tempo" pulls up alongside the Marine Theatre in JBBC's new Amber Ale!

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