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Craft Beer Innovation: Long Island Brewery Sets a New Label Standard with Golfers

Jones Beach Brewing Company has made waves in the craft beer scene with its innovative approach to label design. Since its 2022 launch, the Long Island-based brewery has mesmerized beer enthusiasts nationwide. What started with groundbreaking tide charts has now evolved into one-of-a-kind golf scorecard labels. Founder Christopher Mills and his team, all passionate golfers themselves, wanted to blend their love for the sport with their craft beer venture. The result? Beer labels that allow consumers to track their scores while savoring their favorite brew, creating a unique and immersive experience.

The inspiration for these scorecard labels runs deep in the Mills family's golf legacy. Randolph Mills IV, the brother and president of the company, played a pivotal role in introducing the first case of Plandome Pilsner. This beer served as a tribute to their grandfather, Charles J. Andromidas, a respected figure in the golf community. Charlie was a member of Shinnecock, served as President of Plandome, and was a founding member of the Hobe Sound Golf Club in Florida. The two roads leading into Hobe Sound Country Club are Freeport and Plandome. In honor of their grandfather's passion, the Mills brothers established the Brewers Golf Foundation, which donates a portion of the beer sales proceeds to charities, including Athletes Against Cancer—an organization founded by Charlie himself. Despite Charlie's passing when Chris was just 11 years old, their unwavering connection to golf and their commitment to charitable causes have significantly influenced their brewing journey.

The Mills family's ties to golf go beyond their brewing venture. Randolph Mills III, their father, held prominent positions as a National Sales Director for renowned publications such as Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, and Entrepreneur magazine. With beer, golf, and entrepreneurship ingrained in their family DNA, it's clear that the groundwork for their current venture was laid early on.

Under the guidance of Brewmaster Matt Jones, known for his golf-focused podcast "Bogey Free," Jones Beach Brew continually pushes the boundaries of beer creation. From their flagship Jones Inlet IPA, which boasts a tide chart label and features locally sourced New York State ingredients, to their refreshing golf-inspired Pilsner, the brewery offers a truly unique experience. Notably, they've crafted the "Jones Beach 19th" for the Merrick and Peninsula 9-hole golf courses, which run parallel with Jones Beach. This set of two 12 oz cans allows golfers to enjoy a round before relaxing with a cold beer on the "19th" hole (the can lid). One side of the Pilsner showcases a map of the courses, while the other side features a scorecard with yardage. This meticulous attention to detail enhances the overall golfing experience, allowing players to savor their beer while referencing the course layout.

Looking forward, Jones Beach Brewing Company remains dedicated to preserving history, cherishing family and friends, and upholding tradition. This year, founder Christopher Mills, also volunteer firefighter for Freeport Engine Company 1, presented a unique five-can collection to the Heritage Club of Bethpage State Park. As he reminisces about his officer training at the Nassau County Fire Service academy, situated next to the Bethpage Golf Course while simultaneously planning his wedding, Mills humorously shares his ongoing journey, saying, "I haven't become an officer yet; I'm still trying to make my percentage both at home & the fire house." Nonetheless, his commitment to supporting those who selflessly serve every day remains unwavering. Their donation of the Muldowney Irish Red to Tunnel to Towers in honor of fallen hero Richard T. Muldowney exemplifies their support for their Engine Company and the commemoration of the events of 9/11. Amidst the preparations for their wedding, Mills found himself surrounded by the grandeur of the US Open held at the Bethpage Black Golf Course—an extraordinary occurrence on Long Island. Fondly reflecting on the experience, he remarks, "The dress was immaculate, second to my wife; I love Lessing's and the Heritage Club."

Looking ahead, Mills envisions the upcoming Ryder Cup in 2025 as an opportunity to introduce international visitors to the distinct flavors crafted from New York State ingredients. With these inspirations driving them, the JBBC team embarked on the creation of a new golf and beer experience. Continually focused on the horizon, Jones Beach Brewing Company pushes the boundaries of craft beer, paying homage to their legacy, and lifting the spirits of beer and golf enthusiasts alike. As Major Jones, the Horseshoe Crab would say, "Don't come empty-handed, knock with your feet," capturing the essence of their commitment to hospitality and shared enjoyment.

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