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"The Adventure of Shandy Claire: Finding Madeline"

Written by Ashley Mills

Co-Edited and Published by Scrbyte Publishing.


Once upon a time, on a beautiful island called Meadow Island, there lived an adventurous yellow lab named Shandy Claire. Shandy received a special mission from her friends, Major Jones the horseshoe crab, Cammie the smart one, and Bubba the retired navy seal and active lifeguard. They all arrived at Shandy's bay house on the "Fastest Seagull," a 12-foot Boston whaler.

The mission was to find Madeline, a little girl from the big city who got lost from her parents during a picnic on the beach. Major Jones had an army of Limulus crabs who could see everything on the coast, and he used their help to gather information about Madeline's whereabouts.


Together, the team traveled on land with their red wagon beach cruiser and by sea on the Fastest Seagull. Major Jones received a message from one of his Limulus army members that Madeline was last seen near the high grass dunes. Shandy Claire and Cammie raced to the location, with Major Jones and Bubba close behind.

When they reached the high grass, they used the mantra "Knock with your feet" to enter the area with stealth and let the wild animals know they were there to help. Shandy Claire used her keen sense of smell to track Madeline, while Major Jones and his army kept a lookout.


Finally, they found Madeline, safe and sound, but a little bit confused. Shandy Claire comforted her, and Cammie called Madeline's parents to let them know she had been found. The team brought Madeline back to her grateful parents, and they all celebrated their success. Cammie shared a message of safety with Madeline that her team calls the 'wise wake', "It's always a good idea to let your grown-ups know where you're going before going on a big adventure by yourself."


From that day on, Shandy Claire, Major Jones, and their friends continued to have many more exciting adventures on Meadow Island. They named their house the Shell Shack, and they were always ready to help those in need.


© Copyright 2023 by Scribyte Publishing. ISBN-12: ###-#-#####-###-#

Printed by __ ______ in Freeport, July 2023.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of Limulus Holdings LLC.

Written by Ashley Mills and Scribyte Publishing.

Illustrated by Brooke Richter with Scribyte Publishing Partnership.

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