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Second Season of "Life of Nice and iLL"

Nice and iLL Promo Poster to Season 2

Like all TV interviews about celebrities and famous performers require money and obviously fame. Autobiographies like VH1's "Behind the Music", E!'s "The E! True Hollywood Story", or even MTV's "Diary" are all known for taking a closer look into the life and background of the individual. MTV's "Diary", is known for "emerging as the first ever invitation into the life of an artist, narrated first-hand, directly into the camera, viewers see the artists in their homes, on the road, up close and personal, untraditional and uncut." That is exactly what "Life of Nice and iLL" is about, minus the expenses and being on actual TV. Watching these fifteen-minute mini-series episodes, Nice and iLL fans and people who have never heard of them, get the chance to take a closer look at what they do in their everyday lives to try and further their music careers. From personal interviews to clips of them in the studio creating songs and beats, to just doing absolutely nothing, you get the opportunity to take a sneak peek at what Cee Mizz, J-Yard, and Joey Jack do on a daily basis. With their own camera and editing skills on their Mac computer, these three young men have accomplished making their own mini-series like "Behind the Music", "The E! True Hollywood Story", and "Diary", in the facility of their own home. By posting it on sites like Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr, or even on their website (, they are able to use social media sites to get the Nice and iLL name out there and to get people from all over to preview what they do and what they are all about, especially on a personal level.

Cee Mizz summed up the "Life of Nice and iLL" series into six words, "The truth, the movement, the lifestyle."

Find & Watch ALL Episodes HERE

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