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Randolph Pope Mills

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Mining Executive. Life Story of Randy Mills the 1st

A reporter, mine developer, and mine financier who enjoyed a great reputation in the mining business - and who certainly left his mark in the Labrador and Chibougamau areas of Quebec (where he was known as "Mr. Chibougamau") and in the Cape Breton and Gays River areas of Nova Scotia, died in Montreal on June 28, 1976, of cancer. He was in his 78th year and had been ill for a relatively short period of time.

Born in Virginia he came to Canada in 1935, later becoming a Canadian citizen and the vast iron ore operations in Labrador and Quebec resulted, in a large part, from his early efforts. He was also the prime mover in the development of the ilmenite operations of Quebec Iron and Titanium. Following the second world war parts of the land his group staked became the production mines of Copper Rand (Patino), Campbell Chibougamua Mines, and Candian Merrill in Chibougamau. In the early 1960's he became interested in development of the Jones Wet Magnetic Separator, which machine uses strong magnetic fields in a liquid medium to separate minerals of varying magnetic susceptibility. It is now used in many parts of the world on iron ores, tungsten, chromite, tin beach sands, hematite and experimentally to produce pharmaceutical-grade barite.

At his death Randy Mills was associated with many companies being Chairman of Baker Tale, Consolidated Canadian Faraday and Magnetics International, and President or Vice-President of numerous companies including Cuvier, Bruneau and Bulora Corporation.

He was a member of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Downtown Atheltic Club of New York, engineer's Club of Toronto, and the YMCA and Mount Stephen Club of Montreal.

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Publication: The Gazette. Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Issue Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1976. Page: 24." The Gazette [Montreal, Quebec, Canada] 29 June 1976: 24. Web. 6 Feb. 2023.

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