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Nice and iLL Gets Ready for Holiday Concert

Nice and iLL has been invited to perform and host the "Freeport's Got Talent, Christmas Concert" this upcoming Friday, December 23rd, at the Freeport Recreation Center. The "Freeport's Got Talent" concert series ranges monthly. These talent shows give the residents of Freeport the opportunity to come together and express and share their talent in singing, dancing, playing instrumentals, etc. People of all ages come out to perform.

Dominique Williams, the coordinator of the show, explained how "words can't describe how excited Freeport's Got Talent is to have Nice and iLL be a part of their next showcase." The Event is being promoted all throughout Freeport, so the show can have a good crowd.

After every showcase, the latest one is aired on Channel 18 for Cablevision and channel 44 for Verizon. So even if you aren't able to attend the venue, you can still be a part of it by watching it on TV. Mayor Hardwick, of Freeport, attends every show to help promote a sense of "unity" in the community.

Not only is Nice and iLL performing at the event, but were also asked to do a mini commercial to help promote the showcase, which will be aired on either channel 18 or 44 depending on your service. "Being asked to perform at this event in the center of our community is very honoring and exciting", stated the group. With high hopes of bringing in a good crowd on the 23rd, Nice and iLL plan on performing five of their favorite songs, including their new Christmas song, "Play Your Drum ".

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