LoNai - Mac Sauce - Season One | Nice and iLL

Life of Nice and iLL - Ep.1 - Mac Sauce - Season 1

Chris, Jason and Joey take off on a journey to discover if their love for music could amount to anything more than a few mixtape's and clowning around the village of Freeport Long Island. After a quick conference call with Blackberry and a heart to heart with each other, they decided that now was the time to turn passion into product. With Limited resources, they filmed their life and all of its successes, failures, advantages and obstacles. Day one was the unknown, each had parted ways with the women they were seeing around similar times, making their bond for music the central focus of a new relationship. With a beat up casio keyboard, an old laptop that record off the built-in mic to garage band and a Blackberry tour filming their every move, they knew they had something. The challenge would be to turn this something into everything.

"Who knows where this goes"



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