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Jones Inlet’s Dredging Efforts

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Jones Beach Brewing Co. Sells “Inlet IPA” to raise awareness for Jones Inlet's Dredging Efforts

FREEPORT, New York — Jones Beach Brewing Co. (JBBC) to bring new beer, Jones Inlet India Pale Ale "JI IPA" to market at The Helm Restaurant (524 Guy Lombardo Ave, Freeport, NY) in support of Jones Inlet dredging efforts. Starting March 11th, Jones Beach Brewing Co will allocate proceeds from beer sales at The Helm during their first Can Release to be donated to local organizations surrounding the bays and harbors of South Nassau.

Dredging the Jones Inlet aims to ensure marine life safety and fix shallow waterways for boaters where accidents have been on the rise. Last dredged in 2014, the channel has become near-deadly to navigate in inclement weather or heavy winds.

"While New York State received $19 million in funding to dredge the Jones Inlet, we've yet to see any of that in action," says Jones Beach Brewing Co. founder Christopher Mills. "We know they have a lot on their plate, and if we can help them, then something must be done now. So we plan to donate a portion of proceeds to several local organizations -- Jones Beach Power Squadron, Operation SPLASH, Surfrider Foundation -- that consistently help keep our waterways safe and clean."

JBBC chose The Helm for the event on March 11th due to its iconic location on Guy Lombardo Ave -- named after famous bandleader Guy Lombardo, best known for his signature rendition of New Year's classic "Auld Lang Syne." Lombardo lived in Freeport in his later years and was known to take his boat, Tempo, out to Jones Beach Theater to perform.

For JBBC, the New Year starts with the launch of this beer. Beer packing will also be the "first of its kind" to include a Tide Chart on its products to help waterfront communities plan the safest travel through Jones Inlet and surrounding waterways.

Mills wants his brewery model to operate as a Triple Bottom Line. "Of course, our focus is great beer, but it's important for me to make our Limulus buddies proud." Limulus is the scientific name for a horseshoe crab; it's a staple of Long Island beaches and is one of the four oldest animal species; it's also the logo of their brewery. "They embody longevity and changing environments— it calls out who we want to become," says Mills.

Outside of the brewery, Mills was previously recognized by Long Island Business News in 2020 as "Volunteer of the Year" for his efforts in creating meaningful employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, cleaning up bays and harbors around Nassau County and assisting with fire safety in his Village. The brewery seeks to combine this philanthropic approach with its business model.

Be sure to check out their official launch into Market this Friday, March 11th, 7pm est at The Helm in Freeport. Scan the QR code on their label and follow them on Instagram for more information.

About Jones Beach Brewing Company

Jones Beach Brewing Co. embodies the Horseshoe Crab. Of the four oldest animal species on earth, it's the only one that bleeds blue. It’s a staple of Long Island beaches and they embody longevity and changing environments. We at JBBC expect our team to carry out those conceptual qualities and honorable ideals, appealing to the working class, parks, beaches & marine life, by merging two passions: great tasting beer and the betterment of our communities. Whether it's supporting a cause or showing up to a party; don’t come empty handed, "knock with your feet.”

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