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Howard J. Payton

Born in 1886, Howard J Payton was a man of both a robust physique and sharp intellect. He was born to Abraham and Anna Payton in Green Island, New York. In 1911, he tied the knot with Mary Alice Koon in Troy, New York, but their union eventually dissolved. He then wed Ada Koon in Shaftsbury, Vermont and the couple had four children: Jane, Nan, Betty, and Howard Jr.

Tragically, Howard passed away at the young age of 45 in Manhattan, New York, on May 8, 1933. Nevertheless, his impact lived on through his children and the cherished memories he made with his family.

One of Howard's offspring, Howard Jr., had a remarkable story following his father's death. During a fire in an apartment, Jane bravely threw Howard Jr. out the window to save his life. Despite Jane's untimely demise, the incident caught the attention of Randy Mills, a well-known business leader in the copper mining industry in Canada, who adopted Howard Jr. and renamed him Randolph Pope Mills Jr.

Randy was a veteran who was passionate about the Jones Wet Magnetic Separator, a machine that uses strong magnetic fields in a liquid medium to separate minerals. He was renowned for his work in the copper mining industry, listed in the "Who's Who of Canada," and famous for flying planes over what is now known as Freeport, formerly Raynor Town. Mary, who had been Howard's former spouse, was a showgirl for the Zig Field Folly and entertained Randy after Howard's passing.

In conclusion, Howard J Payton's legacy persists through his children, including Randolph Pope Mills Jr., and his contributions to society and industry.

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