Goodbye 2011, Hello New Year

After a very long, hardworking, productive, and successful year, the boys of Nice and iLL are ready to close this year's chapter and ready to continue working hard in the upcoming year of 2012. Between long studio sessions, performing at local bars to bigger clubs, even to local events in their town, to planning their next move, they aren't even close to stopping. Nice and iLL is ready to jump on all of the new possibilities and opportunities the new year has to offer them. After big moves were made by signing with their indie label HardRoc Records this past year and collaborating with other artists like Chad B in their label, who had appearances on BET and MTV, these 3 young men are ready to conquer the music industry.

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Continuing the work on their mix tape, that's the one project J-Yarde, CeeMizz, and Joey Jack are bringing with them into the new year. With the new motto "#ChasingFame" (also the title of their upcoming mix-tape dropping in mid-2012) spreading on their Twitter page and all other social media sites, nothing is preventing them from chasing their dream of becoming famous. Let the movement of Nice and iLL & Chasing Fame be the new slogan for the new year.

"Nothing is going to get in the way of chasing our dreams", said the group. Hard work, dedication, and creativity are what Joey Jack, J-Yarde, and CeeMizz seem to live by.

CeeMizz describes the new year as "crunch time", he knows the group will be spending long hours in the studio trying to get this mix-tape right, planning all upcoming shows & venues to new ideas they will bring to the table for their fans. With one professional video already out, "3 a.m." ft. Chad B, more official videos will be taking place as well, describing the boys. With high hopes, determination, and hard work, let's get ready to see what the boys of Nice and iLL are ready to accomplish.

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