Getting to Know The Group : Joey Jack

Unlike Chris and Jason, aka Cee Mizz and J-Yard, Joey brings a different sound to Nice and iLL that completes the full sound of the groups music. Joey is the only singer in the group, and his singing ties all the songs together, and gives the hip-hop feel to the group a pop touch to the groups music.

In high school, Joey was apart of the select chorale. He also is from Freeport, and attended High School with Chris and Jason. Coincidently all three members played football together, but that was years before they ever imagined started a music group together.

Joey attended The New England Conservatory, where he studied Opera and Music Theory. He has a very strong background in music, other than just singing. Joey plays the piano and the guitar as well. After Cee Mizz and J-Yard started Nice and iLL, they knew the group needed something else, a singer in the band. They reached out to some people but they weren't interested or were as serious and passionate about music like they were. Cee Mizz then took the initiative to take vocal lessons from his then high school friend Joey. Cee Mizz had no idea how passionate Joey was about music, song writing and singing. Joey showed chris a song called "Blue eyes" that he was working on.

After that, chris knew he was exactly what Nice and iLL was looking for. Not too long after did "Blue eyes" become one of Nice and iLL's most popular hit songs. Although he is classically trained, Joey's interesting sense of editing and advanced skill in beat making with J-Yard, gives the group that extra tweak in the bands music.

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