Getting to Know The Group: Cee Mizz

Chris Mills, aka Cee Mizz grew up in Freeport, Long Island and is one of the founders of Nice and iLL. After graduating Molloy College with a Communications Degree, Cee Mizz founded the group in February of 2010 as well as trade marked its brand, the "stop play pause record" logo.

Chris is 24 years old with a deep passion for music. Between writing, music engineering, and producing songs since high school, his drive has only increased.

He is one of the two rappers in the group, and has been dedicated to his music his whole life. Rapping for Cee Mizz started off as something fun to do with friends, but as time went on and the more songs he started making, the more serious he got and realized it was something he had a desire for. Before Nice and iLL was founded, Chris and J-Yard, the other rapper in the group, would link up and write and produce songs everyday. They both realized it was time to start a new chapter in their lives and founded Nice and iLL. Everyone in the group has something that they bring, that makes up Nice and iLL. Cee Mizz's clever use of words in his lyrics makes each song he makes very unique. His whole goal to every song he writes, is for the audience to be able to feel apart of the song.

No matter what kind of song whether it's a party song, love song, heart break song, or even just a rap verse, he takes every life experience he's had and adds it to his music hoping his audience and fan base can relate to his songs in some way. His hard work and dedication to the group, is a huge part in how far they have come. "It's my job", he said. Between creating, writing, putting songs and tracks together, to performing, and promoting the groups music, Cee Mizz works harder each day to make the bands dreams come true in breaking themselves into the music industry.

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