First "Official" Music Video "3 A.M ft. Chad B"

Nice and iLL has finally released their new hit song "3 A.M. ft. Chad B". The song is more of an upbeat club/ party song. With the groups original beat, the song so far has been well- liked by many of its fans. "This is my favorite song produced by Nice and iLL so far", said Catherine Jewels; a Nice and iLL fan. The group hopes that this video will bring chance for them spreading through the internet quickly and hoping to reach MTV or BET, like featuring artist Chad B's previous song "Hit it". The song was produced in only a day, and the video was filmed a few weeks later in only one night.

"Not really knowing how the visual for the video would be at first, overall came out better than we could have planned for", said J-Yard. The boys of Nice and iLL described the video shoot as having fun but being productive at the same time. "Having your friends and fans come out and be apart and help supporting what you do is like killing two birds with one stone", said Cee Mizz.

After many weeks of editing and making the video just right, they are now able to launch and promote their first official video. With HardRoc's Chad B on the track as well, the video will definitely get many viewers from New Jersey to Long Island. "The hopes for this video to reach a new set of eyes, audience and fan base is what we are hoping for, through promoting this video", explained the boys. With over 1,600 views on the video so far on YouTube. With it being streamed through facebook, and uploaded on sites like Sound Cloud and Reverbnation, the video seems to give them a step in the right direction.

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