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Exploring Delaware Bay: A Day with Horseshoe Crabs, Zen, and New Friends

What a day it was in Delaware Bay! I kicked off my morning adventure at 7 am and breezed through Manhattan on a peaceful Sunday drive. I made my way to Glenn's house, and the warm welcome was everything I needed. As a Mills, it felt like home, but let's not blame it on nominative determinism. I mean, who wouldn't feel right at home in a place surrounded by fields of grain?

As I stepped inside, I noticed a cooler, and Glenn informed me that his tortoise was inside (50+ years old, by the way). I then met Rocco, a parrot that spoke both English and German. We sat down to discuss our love for horseshoe crabs, and Glenn's cozy place and welcoming personality made the conversation even better. I was so captivated by the conversation that I had to record it, and it was a wise decision because he shared so many fascinating insights about his 200+-year-old house. I even wondered which Limulus witnessed George Washington's crossing!

Glenn's zen environment was mind-blowing. He talked about his study of Buddhism and frequent travels to Asia for horseshoe crab research. And the best part? He's convinced me to make a top-notch non-alcoholic beer because of his practice!

We talked for hours about the importance of horseshoe crabs and ways to engage younger audiences. We even discussed incorporating more brewery-based awareness for a "cool factor." And while we were on the topic, we talked about our other passions too, including music and digital support for growing industries.

After our long conversation, we decided to grab some food at Mission BBQ, which was all about honoring veterans and first responders. Glenn was welcomed by the customers like a mayor, given that he was the former mayor of Little Creek. The vibe was amazing, and we talked about how blue-collar towns like Little Creek often go unappreciated despite their sacrifices.

We then visited Pickering Beach to talk about the many projects Glenn has planned there. I even shared some of my passions outside of beer and horseshoe crabs, and we found a common pain in being the first in our domains and fighting for accreditation. It was a natural meeting, staring at a man who had so much work and focus, and I was in awe.

Before I left, Glenn gave me some materials and merchandise to support ERDG's mission, a non-profit wildlife conservation organization that focuses on saving the world's four extant horseshoe crab species. Glenn asked me to be an ambassador and partner for him in the Long Island area, and I happily accepted!

Glenn's mentor, Carl, who was passionate and experienced at the age of 99 (yes, he did reach 100 too!), shared his insights about the mission behind their friendship. I could see the passion in Glen's eyes when he described their work. I hope that today's experience has helped me make a friend for life and further the cause of the horseshoe crab. The mission is in my heart and my family's heart too. I left my wife and 11-week-old newborn this weekend, and I can't wait to see them when I return. What a day it was in Delaware Bay!

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